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Engineering Week 2017 Secondary Programme

12th Annual Waterford Engineering Week


Secondary Programme WORKSHOPS

Bookings: with Geraldine Hallissey WIT School of Engineering or 051-845568

Electric Motor – Make and Take for 1st years ***SORRY BOOKED OUT***

Workshops will run 4 days

Dates: Mon 6th, Tue 7thth, Wed 8th & Fri 10th

Times:        12 noon

Duration 1 hour

In this popular workshop participants learn about electric motors the most effective way – by making one that they can take home with them! They also learn about electricity, electro-magnetic induction and building circuits.

Secondary Programme: Presentations

WIT RoboCar

Presenter        Jason Berry

Audience:       TY and Senior Cycle

Date:               Tues March 7th

Time                11 am

Venue:             Main Auditorium Cork Rd Campus

"Its electronics but not as we know it"

WIT electronic engineering lecturer, Jason Berry relates the story of how eight 3rd year WIT Electronic Engineering Students went from a miniature robot chasing a line to a full size car chasing a road!!!

Over the last 10 years students studying electronics in WIT have built numerous robots. From Bengie to robotic flying fish and lampbots…this talk tells the story of how all this applied learning allowed a team from WIT to design and build a self-drive car in 12 weeks !!!!!!!


Junior Cert Heat and its Applications in Engineering

Presenter     Eoin Gill

Audience:       Junior Cycle

Date:               Wed March 8th

Time:               10 am

Venue:            Main Auditorium Cork Rd Campus

We all think we know about heat. But with a few simple questions we can realise that it’s not as simple as we think. This interactive presentation will examine heat as a form of energy, its importance to our lives, ( this is an odd sentence)  how we produce it from fuels and mechanical energy and how in turn we use heat to create mechanical energy in engines and subsequently electricity – all with reference to the Junior Cert curriculum. There will be lots of demonstrations and participation and also issues of civic responsibilities and some philosophy and history thrown in for good measure. This talk will answer that perennial question “what are we learning this for?” and will be a good refresher for 3rd years who have covered heat already and a good introduction to others.

Fundamentals of Electricity-

Presenter        Eoin Gill

Audience:       TY / 5th /6th Year

Date:               Thurs 9th March

Time:               10 am

Venue:            Main Auditorium Cork Rd Campus

Electricity is ubiquitous but held as a mystery by most people. This interactive and illustrated presentation will lead participants through the basics of electricity starting with static electricity, through direct current (battery) electricity and on to alternating current (mains) electricity. It will examine through demonstrations the relationship between electricity and magnetism.  TY participants will get a good introduction to the leaving cert physics electrical content and leaving cert physics students will get a good overview of the field and context in which these discoveries were made and the applications of electricity.


Date:   Thur 9th March

Time:   11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Venue: Meet main Atrium WIT Cork Rd Campus

The WIT Engineering Quiz is a fun quiz based on STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and General Knowledge. The quiz highlights the skills required to be an engineer (with rounds on science, maths etc.) and the structure of the event will ensure your pupils will have an enjoyable experience. The event will also provide information on engineering careers in general. The level of the Maths and Science questions will be appropriate to students who have completed the Junior Cert syllabus.

Places are limited to 20 teams of four. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and there will also be spot prizes. Teams of four from 5th year or transition year are invited to participate.


Thermal Workshop

Presenter: Mervin Doyle

Audience: Secondary 1-3 years

Date and Time - Flexible - to be arranged

Thermal comfort is critical for the design of buildings. What is thermal comfort? How do engineers ensure that occupants of a building are comfortable? and how do we measure it?  This workshop will explore Building services, the internal environment and a calculation of thermal comfort. Students will also use thermal imaging camera and infra-red thermometers.



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