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Engineering Week 2017 Primary Programme

12th Annual Waterford Engineering Week

Primary Activities


Bookings Geraldine Hallissey and 051-845568


Electric Motor – Make and Take:

Workshops will run daily

Dates: Mon 6th Fri 10th

Times:                         10am and 12 noon

Duration 1 hour

In this popular workshop participants learn about electric motors the most effective way – by making one that they can take home with them! They also learn about electricity, electro-magnetic induction and building circuits.

Structures ***SORRY BOOKED OUT***

Workshops will run each day

Dates: Mon 6th – Fri 10th

Times:   10am and 12 noon

Duration 1 hour


Participants learn about structures and how they stay up. There is an initial demonstration talk about materials and forces. Participants will be challenged to build certain structures using very simple materials. In this workshop participants are introduced to the engineering of structures, which involves consideration of materials, strength of those materials and the forces that act on them.


Primary Presentations

Bloodhound Supersonic Car with David Price, Science Made Simple


Audience:  2nd and 3rd Class

Date:               Mon March 6th

Time:               9.45

Venue:            Main Auditorium WIT Cork Road Campus


Audience:       4th and 5th Class

Date:               Mon March 6th

Time:               11.15

Audience:       5th and 6th Class

Date:               Mon March 6th

Time:               12.45


The mission: to build a car capable of travelling at over 1000mph! The aim: to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Science made simple are taking the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project on the road, in this contemporary and topical science show.

Forget the fast cars of today, this is the fast car of tomorrow. But what are the challenges in building a vehicle that travels faster than a speeding bullet? How do we test air resistance, reduce drag, increase the strength of materials, and keep our engine powered? It’s not just about the engineering of cars; we also look at the far wider applications of 21st Century engineering

Buildings – How do they stand?

Audience:  5th and 6th class

Date:               Fri March 10th

Time:               10:00 am

Venue:            Main Auditorium WIT Cork Road Campus

We are in buildings most of our lives but few of us really think to ask how they work. Whether it is a house or school or a giant skyscraper or bridge a building’s most important task is not to fall down. This interactive demonstration talk examines the materials used in buildings and how they are used to greatest effect. Starting with Stone-age buildings and tracing the development of building technology to the most modern and biggest structures your pupils will gain a useful insight into how buildings of all sorts stay up.

The presenter, Eoin Gill is a chartered engineer and a lecturer in energy and environmental engineering at WIT and a director of Calmast, Ireland’s leading STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) outreach centre at WIT. He has addressed thousands of pupils in the Southeast in various STEM shows and has been the recipient of several international and national awards for science communication.


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