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STEAMdream Exhibition

STEAMdream Exhibition

Junk TVs return to life

STEAMdream is a unique opportunity to showcase art and science together. This digital media exhibition will take place daily at Garter Lane Arts Centre beginning as part of the celebrations for this year's sprOg pre-Spraoi festival. Come see the exhibition from July 28th-August 28th (Tuesday-Saturday and after performances at the Arts Centre).

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAMdream is a dream come true- a rare opportunity to come and see these very different disciplines interacting and enhancing each other. The exhibition uses cutting edge technology to tell a story about the world we live in. STEAMdream was dreamt up by staff at Waterford Institute of Technology (Calmast, The Digital Media Group, Applied Robotics Group and Educational Services) working in collaboration with our friends at the Garter Lane Arts Centre and sprOg.

For more information check out theĀ Facebook page.