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dzień dobry from Warsaw Science Picnic

Thousands of Polish visitors got a "cead mile failte" and a "witać" at the Calmast Irish tent at the Science Picnic in Warsaw on Saturday 28th May. The team were invited by the Irish Embassy in Warsaw to develop and present an Irish stand.
dzień dobry from Warsaw Science Picnic

Irish Team

The Irish team-members’ backgrounds reflected the diversity of  Calmast activity with experts from across the STEM areas: Dr. Nick McCarthy, Forestry; Dr Kieran Murphy, Mathematics; Dr Sheila Donegan, Chemistry; Biologist, Beth O'Donoghue and Engineers Michael McCarthy and Eoin Gill together with science students Joanna Moch and Anna Jaworska and engineering students Sarah Kavanagh and Keelan Murphy. Also in the team was Physics teacher Paul Nugent, one of Ireland's most experienced and talented science demonstrators. see Gallery here

“It’s a great honour to have been invited to present at the Science Picnic.” said Eoin Gill, one of the centre’s directors. “It’s fantastic to be able to show people just how varied and exciting science can be.”  

Sparks, smoke and fog emanated from one half of the tent on a regular basis as the team cycled through shows on Picnic Science and the works of Robert Boyle, the Father of Chemistry. The resounding success of the Irish exhibition, however, was the innovative and novel outdoor display of maths and science games, puzzles and mazes on offer beside the tent, which were extremely popular with other institutions as well as families and tourists.

The Science Picnic has been held every year in Warsaw since 1997 and since 2008 it has been jointly organised by the BIS Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre. It has grown to be Europe’s largest science festival, with over 100,000 visitors attending again this year.

Irish and Polish cultures have become more and more entwined in recent years and science shines out as an area of significant importance in both countries. This mutual interest in science is an ongoing development and can be seen in the backgrounds of the student populations in Ireland. Two of the student representatives at the Picnic, Anna Jaworska and Joanna Moch are studying pharmaceutical science at Waterford IT but originally hail from Poland. Many of the visitors to the stand had worked in Ireland or had visited family or friends in Ireland.