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Discover STEM Summer Camp for Teenagers Underway

Calmast's new programme "Discover STEM" has commenced with teenagers from secondary schools around Waterford this week (13-17th June)

Discover STEM introduces participants to exciting aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) that they ordinarily would get the chance to experience.

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Activities explored during the week include

Cell Biology. Microbiologist Beth O'Donoghue introduced students to microbiology and genetics. Students took swabs from around the buildings (from doorhandles etc) and cultured them. They also learned about pathogens and pareisites. For genetics, students learned about DNA, extracted DNA from a banana and ran genetic fingerprinting tests. see video clip  here

Computers. Students learned how a computer works the hard (and effective) way - they were faced with dis-assembled PCs and had to assemble them and load an operating system. All under the guidance of electronics lecturer, Michael McCarthy.

Gaming. With Patrick Felicia an expert in Game Based Learning the participants learned about what makes a good game, how a game is built and then made their own games.

Chemistry. Sheila Donegan led this session exploring the use of colour in chemistry. Students tested their own natural indicators and tested a wide range of household items for pH. These were also tested using pH strips and Meters and the results compared. Other exciting experiemnst included flame tests for metals.

Maths. Mathematicians, Kieran Murphy and Padraig Kirwan led these sessions that explored games and strategy and quite a few mathematical tricks.

Physics. Under the guidance of physics lecturers Claire Keary and Catherine Walsh, the students explored the world of sound and other fun and challenging physics experiments.

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