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Calmast - Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Technology

Calmast was established in 2003 at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) to promote STEM. This followed considerable activity by WIT staff since the mid 1990s in promoting science and engineering. The centre is able to draw on staff, students and resources from WIT to achieve the vital national goal of promoting STEM. Since its establishment Calmast has reached hundreds of thousands of people with science supplements and publications and over a hundred thousand at events and activities. Calmast works with many national and international groups in STEM and is working with Waterford City and County Council, industry groups and schools to develop the Southeast with Waterford as its Gateway City as a Science Region. Events include the Robert Boyle Science Festival (part of National Science Week), Waterford Engineering Week (as part of national Engineers Week) and the Bealtaine Festival Celebrating Our Living Earth which incorporates International Day for Biological Diversity each May. Calmast also acts as the regional organiser for events such as SciFest and has had a large interactive stand at the BT Young Science and Technology Exhibition since 2003. Calmast has performed at many international STEM festivals in Korea, China, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and the UK. Calmast also founded (2006) and coordinates Maths Week Ireland which is the largest festival of its kind in the world. In 2012 Calmast added the Robert Boyle Summer School to the annual Irish summer school scene.

The centre is led by Sheila Donegan and Eoin Gill.

Calmast directors are the only Irish recipients of the Descartes Award for Science Communication and were awarded the Engineers Ireland inaugural Award for Science, Engineering and Technology Awareness in 2007.




Maths Week Ireland

14 - 22 October 2017

Robert Boyle Science Festival (Science Week in the South East)

12 - 19 November



Calmast runs several annual festivals:

Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor ScienceBealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science - This festival "Celebrates our Living Earth" and happens in May (Bealtaine is "May" in the Irish language) each year. Again this is a partnership between all interested in biodiversity, environment and any science  outdoors in the diverse and beautiful landscapes of the Southeast of Ireland.
Bealtaine Festival of Outdoor Science 2017 took place from 17th - 24th May


Maths Week
Maths Week Ireland
- this annual celebration of mathematics runs in the north and south of Ireland in October . Founded and coordinated by Calmast, Maths Week Ireland is a cooperative movement of all interested in the promotion of mathematics in Ireland. It is now the biggest such festival in the world.

Maths Week 2017 will run from 14th - 22nd October.





The activities of Calmast are directed by Sheila Donegan and Eoin Gill and developed and delivered in partnership with dedicated staff of WIT and in a wider partnership involving teachers, schools, local authorities, industry and other groups.

Other Groups

The centre actively supports and cooperates with other groups including -

iSCAN - Calmast is actively involved in the work of iSCAN (pronounced "eye scan") Irish Science Centres Awareness Network, with Eoin Gill being the current Chair.

Darwin200 Ireland - as 2009 was the 200th Anniversary of the birth of one of the most important scientists of all times - Charles Darwin the centre was heavily involved with promoting this celebration throughout the Island of Ireland through iSCAN.

Euscea - Calmast are active members and supporters of Euscea (pronounced "you see") the European Science Events Association. The European cooperation is extremely important in promoting STEM. Sheila Donegan is a past board member and  treasurer of Euscea.

TreeClub - Calmast is working with students to nurture their interest in natural science and environmental issues via a tree distribution program.


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